About us

Vision statement
To be the leading media college that will train & equip media practitioners with the latest techniques of print and electronic journalism using available media platforms to achieve our goal


Mission statement

Creating media professionals with ethics and morals for a better tomorrow and meeting the needs of those who desire a career in public, private media or be self reliant through private media reporting and production.


Founded in 1914 at Alba, Italy, by the great visionary and Media Marvel, Blessed James Alberione, the Society of St Paul, the parent organization of ALBERIONE INSTITUTE OF COMMUNICATION EDUCATION (AICE), uses the powerful means of communication such as the press, cinema, radio, television and other audio-visual and digital media for building a better society. AICE is committed to imparting state-of-the-art and world-class career-oriented training to youth to help them become the best-in-the-business in the all-encompassing and ever-emerging field of Mass Media. AICE also empowers and encourages them to employ Mass Media for the good of the society.


AICE is an autonomous educational unit of the Bombay St Paul Society Trust located at Lagos Nigeria and comprises ST PAUL PUBLICATIONS, BETTER YOURSELF BOOKS, , INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE Magazine) ST PAUL AUDIO-VISUALS, ST PAUL BOOK CENTRE, etc…


At AICE, we guide and mould our students to realise that dream of becoming qualified print and broadcast journalists/reporters, media entrepreneurs, producers and other careers in the media industry.  Students will get the unique opportunity to interact with ST PAULS’ skilled team of professionals in the field of Journalism, Designing, Writing, Printing, Publishing, Audio-Visuals and Marketing.


Alberione Institute of Communication Education is affiliated with the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) National, the largest body for media professionals in Africa.  Our partnership goes beyond training and building capacity for media people but also collaborate in sanitizing the practice of Journalism in Nigeria and indeed, the African continent by imparting the right knowledge and skill on those who aspire to become professional Journalists and media practitioners, among other areas of cooperation aimed at building a better society.